Dave's Sonex Builders Log

Welcome to my builders log for Sonex S/N 767. It won't be as big as a real 767 but if you scale the speed I bet it will be almost as fast.

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1. Elevator
2. Firewall Forward
3. Fuselage
4. Horizontal Stabilizer
5. Landing Gear
6. Planning and Paperwork
7. Rudder
8. Tooling
9. Vertical Stabilizer
10. Wings
Hours Summary
Construction 973.42
Planning / Misc 6.10
Tooling 17.63
TOTAL 997.15
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This website is to log my progress while building a Sonex airplane. I purchased the plans for Sonex S/N 767 and began construction around Christmas 2004. I would like to keep my costs down and am currently considering the AeroVee engine. I'm leaning strongly towards tricycle gear.

I've finally settled on using an AeroVee engine and going with the tricycle gear. I know, everyone thinks a Sonex should be built with a tail wheel but I like the tricycle gear and I'm sticking with it.

Recent Builders Log Entries

Jun 30/14
Installing Skybolts and Windshield Strap to Firewall
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-F17
1.87 hrs

Jun 29/14
Installing Skybolts and Windshield Strap to Firewall
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-F17
1.29 hrs

Jun 22/14
Continuing to fit the windshield
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
Today I up drilled all of the holes in the windshield to #30. Next I removed the windshield and used my microstop to drill the counter sinks for counter sunk washers on the leading and trailing edge of the windshield. After drill the counter sings I up drilled to 11/64 inches. I updrilled after as my counter sink has a #30 pilot. Next I dimpled the fuselage sides and then reset the microstop and countersunk the holes in both sides of the windshield and then updrilled to 11/64. After all the drilling I refit the windshield. I needed to up drill the rear gap filler strip to 11/164 as well. I all seemed to fit will together. The next step will be drilling and tapping the windshield bow.

Countersinking the Holes
Countersinking the Holes
Windshield Fitting
Windshield Fitting
Windshield with all Hole Drilled
Windshield with all Hole Drilled
3.90 hrs

Jun 21/14
Fitting and Drilling the Windshield
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D02
I started by fitting the windshield to see if any trimming was necessary before drilling. I noted that the front corner was still too long. After trimming if refit the windshield and drilled the pilot holes down each side. I also marked the front corners towards the cowling that still needed some trimming. After completing the trimming I fit the windshield again. This time I only needed to use clecos to secure it. Next I drilled the hole through at the front edge of the fire wall. Now I need to figure out the dimpling. I drilled some test strips and have now set up the micro stop to work with both counter sunk washer and my own dimples. I found that I could put the washers in the dimpler just to guarantee they were the same as my dimples in the skin.

Edge of Windshield Too Long
Edge of Windshield Too Long
Forcing Flange Up
Forcing Flange Up
Area to Trim
Area to Trim
2.59 hrs

Jun 19/14

Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
0.26 hrs

Jun 18/14
Bending the Left Fuselage to meet the Windshield
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
0.39 hrs


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