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Dave's Sonex Builders Log

Welcome to my builders log for Sonex S/N 767. It won't be as big as a real 767 but if you scale the speed I bet it will be almost as fast.

This website is to log my progress while building a Sonex airplane. I purchased the plans for Sonex S/N 767 and began construction around Christmas 2004. I would like to keep my costs down and am currently considering the AeroVee engine. I'm also building the Sonex with standard gear and a single centre stick.

Today I worked on the landing gear some more. I wanted to install the 1/4 inch bolts to secure the main gear.  I discovered the upper bolts specified were long enough but I needed a thin washer to get the hole in the castle nut to line up properly.  I also need to get some fender washers for on the end of the bolt to spread the load from the end of the bolt over a larger area of the firewall. The shorter bolts to secure the axle stubs in place were way too long. I ended up ordering shorter bolts for these. I am using the disc brake setup from Sonex so it makes sense since I won't be installing the cable deflector for the mechanical brakes. I worked at assembling one of the wheels. Once I put air the tube moved and I don't like the position of the stem. I'm going to have to deflate these and reposition the tube.

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I still need a number of parts to complete the landing gear. I reviewed the Sonex revisions list and prepared an order for Aircraft spruce of the hardware, wheels, tires and tubes. I'll probably upgrade the tires later but I need something for now to get the fuselage on the ground.

I've been working on updating this site for a while and finally have it mostly finished.  It shouldn't look too much different but it will be easier for me to maintain.

Today I continued the drilling of the gear legs. I removed the left main gear leg and repositioned it at the drill press to up drill from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. I used a new drill bit as the previous one was damaged removing a broken drill bit earlier. I up drilled both gear legs. The last step will be to up drill the axles and bolt everything together.

Setting the toe-in.

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