Dave's Sonex Builders Log

Welcome to my builders log for Sonex S/N 767. It won't be as big as a real 767 but if you scale the speed I bet it will be almost as fast.

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1. Elevator
2. Firewall Forward
3. Fuselage
4. Horizontal Stabilizer
5. Landing Gear
6. Planning and Paperwork
7. Rudder
8. Tooling
9. Vertical Stabilizer
10. Wings
Hours Summary
Construction 990.10
Planning / Misc 6.10
Tooling 17.63
TOTAL 1013.83
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This website is to log my progress while building a Sonex airplane. I purchased the plans for Sonex S/N 767 and began construction around Christmas 2004. I would like to keep my costs down and am currently considering the AeroVee engine. I'm leaning strongly towards tricycle gear.

I've finally settled on using an AeroVee engine and going with the tricycle gear. I know, everyone thinks a Sonex should be built with a tail wheel but I like the tricycle gear and I'm sticking with it.

Recent Builders Log Entries

Oct 25/14
Canopy Latch
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference:
0.54 hrs

Sep 13/14
Canopy Support
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference:
0.53 hrs

Sep 7/14
Hook Rail Assembly
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
Today I am working on the hook rail assembly. I went back and drilled the counter sunk holes in the tube for the two bolts which connect the tube to the angle. I also had to go back and mark and drill the 3/32 inch holes in the hook angle. I made up the aft spring clip and then installed it under the handle. I used a washer under the other end of the handle. Next I put the assembly together.
2.00 hrs

Sep 1/14
Canopy Fittings
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
1.44 hrs

Aug 30/14
Canopy Fittings
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference: SNX-D01
Today I worked on making the slots in the hook angle so that I can make up the hook rail assembly.
1.42 hrs

Aug 23/14
Trimming the canopy
Type of Work: Construction
Category: Fuselage
Manual Reference:
After my first trimming and sanding I refit the canopy to the fuselage. I lined up the centering marks and fit the rear edge down to the support blocks. The rear edge fit about 1/2 of the distance around. I decided to work on the rear edge and layout the tape for additional trimming of the rear. After taping the rear edge I used 60 grit sandpaper to sand the edge back to the tape line, finishing with 220 grit. I had to make one more adjustment to the rear edge. Next I moved on to the front edge and re-taped it for trimming. The amount to be trimmed is a bit small for the band saw and a bit big for sanding but I decided to sand anyway. Now that the front and rear fit pretty well I marked the two sides and then trimmed them using the band saw.
8.86 hrs


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